Photo blog of Hussein Charania
Aga Khan Centre (nearing completion), London

Aga Khan Centre (nearing completion), London

View from one of the gardens at Victoria Hall, Kings Cross



Spirit, Art, Nature by the AKDN

Abruzzi Garden by Mahera Omar

AKAH by Ayan Kanhai Aman

Music video in Nizamuddin Basti

Ismaili Centre Dushanbe by VoVo Productions

My talk at TEDx Calgary

Alamut by Iran Program PressTV

Performance at the Aga Khan Museum

Video by Serena Hotels

Al-Azhar Park by AKDN

Aga Khan University by AKDN

Aga Khan Music Initiative

AKU's School of Media and Communications

The Aga Khan University Examination Board

AKDN's contributions to Education in Afghanistan

AKF Canada's Together Ensemble

Globe Cops by AKES, Kenya